Amazon is authorized to launch its satellite constellation in Earth orbit

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Amazon is authorized to launch its satellite constellation in Earth orbit
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the regulatory body of the United States telecommunications area, approved on Thursday (30) the Amazon project to launch a constellation of more than 3,000 satellites in Earth’s orbit. This is the Kuiper Project , which aims to provide high-speed internet to the entire world, reaching even the most remote areas of the planet.

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Another space race is underway,The request had been made on July 4, 2019 , and that said, the entity’s review process took just over a year to complete. The FCC, however, made a series of requests to Jeff Bezos’ company , the main one being that the constellation has half its satellites in space by the year 2026. The constellation as a whole will need to be operating in orbit by the 2029 deadline so that the license is not revoked.

In addition, the agency asked Amazon to come up with a concrete strategy explaining how it intends to deal with space debris, stating that the company did not “provide specific information about certain required elements” in its action plan. After all, it is worth mentioning that the design of the satellites has not yet been finalized by the company, which makes it very difficult to present this information.

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The FCC endorsement does not mean that the launch will be immediate – Amazon guarantees that it needs only 578 initial satellites to get the service up and running, but it has not set a date for this to happen and has not even revealed who will be its commercial partner for launching by rockets. It is important to remember that Jeff Bezos is also the owner of the space company Blue Origin, however.

The company famous for the world’s largest marketplace is not the only one interested in creating satellite constellations to provide high-speed connectivity across the globe. The SpaceX , led by Elon Musk , started the launches of Starlink project in May last year and has just over 500 satellites in orbit and targeting a total of at least 30,000 units. The British OneWeb has a much simpler scope , aiming for the mark of 650 satellites launched.

Source: FCC , The Verge

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